Second Passport By Investment in Months

Welcome to the Citizenship Program option, your way to a second citizenship. Our priority is helping people like you, from around the world, obtain a second Citizenship — and we can get it done for you in as little as 6 to 12 months.
Our company is specializes in Citizenship by Investment Programs, through which you could obtain a second passport and dual nationality form a Caribbean in a time frame of around 6 to 12 months while you do not have to reside in the country, you do not need to give up your current nationality and you obtain the citizenship and/or residency purely by investment, through Real Estate investment or via contribution to the countries' main industries.

We make it easy for you to obtain a second Citizenship

Obtaining a second nationality may be easier than you think. The Caribbean countries which we work have programs in place that allow foreign nationals to gain citizenship through investment — and we can make the citizenship through investment process quick and easy. Moreover, you never have to reside in these countries, and dual citizenship is allowed, so there is no need to give up your current nationality.

New opportunities

Through real estate investments, contributions to the nation's economy and other investments, you can protect and expand your ability to travel, open new opportunities to your spouse and children, gain greater business flexibility and enjoy tax advantages too. You even get the pleasure and flexibility of visa-free travel to many countries around the world when you get a second citizenship and passport through Investment Citizenship program.

Reasons to consider a second passport via citizenship through investment include:

  Your country limits your investments or business interests.

  Your government excessively taxes your income, capital and assets worldwide.

  Traveling under your current passport may put you at additional risk of terrorism or mistreatment.

  Your government restricts or monitors your travel.

  Your country requires you or your children to perform national service or go into the military.

  Your country is unstable, meaning your passport could become useless, be recalled or be cancelled.

  Your passport requires frequent renewals or extensions that are inconvenient to you.

  You would like to change your permanent residency address.

  You want to protect yourself and your family.

Getting the second passport is our business. Our partnering Authorized Agents helped hundreds of people to meet their goals through this effective citizenship program. We can help you and your family, and improve the quality of your life.