Dominica: Citizenship Program Overview

The Citizenship by Investment Program of the Commonwealth of Dominica was established in 1991. The program is based on the statute which means the granted citizenship may not be revoked no matter of changes in the governmental executives or policy. The program is defined in the constitution and laws of Dominica: Section 101 of the Constitution and Section 8 of the Citizenship Act, Chapter 1:10 of the Revised Laws and Section 20 (1) of the Citizenship Act 1991. 

The citizenship program of the Commonwealth of Dominica requires making an economic contribution to the country. You and your family obtain an irrevocable citizenship for life with no need to reside in the country and most importantly no need to give up your current nationality.

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To become involved in the program, the primary requirement is that you make an economic contribution to this island. Once you make your contribution and complete the process, you and your family gain citizenship for life, even if you never actually reside in Dominica; and you don’t have to give up your current national citizenship either.

Securing a second passport through Dominica’s citizenship via investment program can protect your family as you expand your economic interests. Depending on your current situation, you could benefit from greater freedom, less taxation and other positive outcomes.

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Reasons to consider a second passport via citizenship through investment include:

  Your government excessively taxes your income, capital and assets worldwide.

  Your government restricts or monitors your travel.

  Your country is unstable, meaning your passport could become useless, be recalled or be cancelled.

  Your passport requires frequent renewals or extensions that are inconvenient to you.

  You would like to change your permanent residency address.

  You want to protect yourself and your family.

  Your reasons are your own, but getting the second passport you want is our business.  Our partnering authorized agents have helped hundreds of people meet their goals through this effective program. We can help you expand your

We make it easy for you to obtain a 2nd nationality

Obtaining a second nationality may be easier than you think. The countries with which we work have programs in place that allow foreign nationals to gain citizenship through investment — and we can make the citizenship through investment process quick and easy. Moreover, you never have to reside in these countries, and dual citizenship is allowed, so there is no need to give up your current nationality.

Program Details and Timeline

  Get your second passport in as little 12 months.

  You don't have to reside in your new passport country.

  There's no need to give up your current citizenship.

  The program is open to people of most nationalities.

  Your family gets the same full, irrevocable citizenship benefits that you get.

  Dual citizenship is allowed.

Specifics about Your Dominica Second Passport

  Spouse and children up to age 18 benefit from the program.

  Travel visa-free to 66 countries and get visas easily when and where required.

  No wealth tax, gift tax, inheritance tax, capital gains tax or foreign income tax.

  No personal income tax.

  No restriction on repatriation of imported capital or profits.

  Incentive packages are available with generous offers, including corporate tax incentives, import duty exemptions, tax relief and export allowances.

  Currency is pegged to the US Dollar.

  The program is available to most nationalities,


The investment options for obtaining citizenship status in Dominica are as follows:

A. Single applicant

A single applicant will be required to make an investment of US$100,000.

B. Family application I

(Applicant + spouse)

An investment of US$175,000 qualifies the applicant and the applicant's spouse for citizenship.

C. Family application II

(Applicant + spouse + 2 children under 18)

An investment of US$200,000 qualifies the applicant, the applicant's spouse and two children under 18 years for citizenship.

D. Family application III

(Applicant + spouse + 3 children under 18)

An investment of US$350,000 qualifies the applicant, the applicant's spouse and three children under 18 years for citizenship. An investment of US$50,000 is required for each additional child under 18 years.


The minimum required investment for the Real Estate Option is USD 200,000 The following government fees are applicable for the main applicant and any accompanying dependents:

  USD 50,000 for the Main Applicant

  USD 25,000 for the Spouse

  USD 20,000 for a dependent under the age of 18

  USD 50,000 for a dependent aged 18-25 years

Other Applicable Fees

In addition to the investment fee, there are other applicable fees, professional and legal fees paid to us and to our Partnering authorized agents or lawyers.

  Application fee - US$1,000 per investor (Non-refundable)

  Processing Fee - US$200 per applicant (Non-refundable)

  Naturalization Fee - US$550 per applicant

  Stamp Fee - US$15 per applicant

Background Checks Fees are paid separately and the cost is based on the number of family members, ages, number of countries they have resided and in which the main applicant has or has had business operations. Note that the authorized agent will obtain a formal quote for the client based on the Government assigned independent due diligence agency before submitting the application.

As part of the application process an interview is required. The applicant can travel to Dominica for the interview otherwise Government officials travel periodically to carry out interviews in various countries and we can organize for the applicant to be interviewed abroad.

The Government reserves its rights to revoke the citizenship if the applicant has provided misleading information in the application or has a criminal record.